Bar Crawl Benidorm

Bar Crawl Benidorm

Bar Crawl Benidorm

Club-it Bar Crawl Benidorm

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Benidorm’s Biggest Bar Crawls

So you’ve just got off the plane and don’t know where to go, been here for a few days and looking for something knew or you just want to Party Hard!!! The Party Hard Benidorm Bar Crawls are by far the best nights to be had in Benidorm and at the height of the season you can Party Hard with us 5 nights a weeks Wednesday – Sunday. Our Benidorm Bar Crawls this year are going to be bigger and madder than before and a perfect way to kick start your Benidorm Holidays.

Party Hard – 5 Bars – 5 hours – 5 nights a week


Join us for Benidorm’s biggest and craziest bar crawl which even ends with a foam party each weekend. Each night we tour 5 of Benidorm’s best pubs and clubs in 5 hours of madness. Win bottles of Champagne and wacky shots in our drink fuelled games. We have our own police on patrol with 2 litre pump action water pistols filled with vodka shots!!, lots of stuff involving whipped cream, bear bongs, champagne races and many more surprises. If its your first night then a great way to find all the best bars, though you might not remember much in the morning. If you have already been here for a few days they will still easily be some of the best nights of your holiday and the whole week gets topped off with a foam party (2 during the summer!!). Certainly worth €15

Benidorm Bar Crawl Party

Party hard Benidorm Bar Crawl



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* Free PARTY HARD t-shirt

* Free PARTY HARD wristband

* Come on as many bar crawls as you like

* Free VIP Club entrance to the Foam Party

* Five of the best Bars – Free Shot in each bar

* Play games and win prizes

* 5+ hours or organized chaos

* stop when you drop – last club opens till 6am

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