Benidorm Bars

A stag weekend in Benidorm will inevitably involve a drink or two. We work with a large number of bars that are ideal for stag and hen parties, where you can enjoy yourself and party hard. During the day we have a number of beach front venues and at night we can take you to all the best pubs and clubs either on a private bar crawl or join up with The Party Hard crew on the Biggest Bar Crawl in Benidorm. When you arrive you will each be given a welcome pack with a Benidorm map of the bars and pubs and a guide to Benidorm and your rep will be able to answer any questions that you have about Benidorm’s pubs and clubs.

Booking a stripper (nearly always mandatory) couldn’t be simpler as we supply you with a suitable venue and time for your stag party. Benidorm Strippergrams have by far the best and sexiest girls. We have at at least 15 venues and some of the top night spots so we can accommodate any party. Most importantly we are able to keep it a surprise, providing you with a good back story for going to your chosen venue or why not book the stripper during the Party Hard Bar Crawl, hey the choice is yours, we even have beach front bars – Sun, Sea & Strippers, what more do you want 🙂 Contact us to plan out a memorable show.

Party Hard Bar Crawl Benidorm is by far the wildest night, downing shots, games and dares, maybe even a stripper or two, 5 bars ending in Benidorm’s biggest club “Jokers” and topped off with a foam party every weekend

Benidorm Bars

Whether or not you come along with Benidorm Stag or Party Hard these bars are worth a visit in their own right


The Rose & Crown Benidorm

The Rose & Crown is one of the most popular stag and hen bars and a great stop early on in the night before hitting the clubs. The Rose & Crown is also part of the Party Hard Benidorm Bar Crawl. Its is one of our most popular venues and is very close to the Benidorm square. With live music, DJ and karaoke this bar does have it all, including the original and one true Sticky Vicky show at 11pm each night. This is also the perfect venue to book your strippergram. Here we can reserve the tables at the front for your party and when your stripper is ready to come on the DJ calls up your stag and the party begins. You can always keep it a surprise on the pretense of seeing Stick Vicky at 11pm and then either before or after the show the DJ calls your stag up and says something like “now you thought you where here just to see Sticky Vicky, well you are but first your friends have a surprise for you… Booking this is obviously limited to two spots, one before 10pm and one after 11.30pm so it is advisable to make a reservation early.


Rose & Crown Facebook page

Daytona Rock Beach Bar Benidorm

Daytona is one of our favourite beach bars in Bernidorm and of course a favourite with our stag and hens. This bar has live music throughout the day and this is one of the few places where we can organise a stripper on the beach front during the day. So come on lads Sun, Sea and Strippers what more do you want 😉 As for getting your stag down here without letting on you have a stripper booked, well sunshine, beer, beach is a good enough reason don’t you think (y) As this is also a live music venue your strippergram has to be booked in between gigs so spots are limited to only a few per day.


Daytona Rock Bar Benidorm Facebook page

Jokers Night Club Benidorm – Foam Party

Jokers is the biggest and best club around the square and is home to the one and only foam party every weekend and the end point for the Party Hard Benidorm Bar Crawl. If you book on the bar crawl or a Private Bar Crawl you get the free entrance (value 10€) to the foam party!!! Jokers has everything, early on live shows and then transforms into a late night club open til 6am!!! During the summer months there are guest DJ’s (last year even the legendary Judge Jules olayed there) and this becomes the home for some of the biggest Party Hard Benidorm nights.


Silvers Benidorm

Bringing you the best in Dance, RnB, HipHop, Uk House… and of course OldSkool, and the HARDER side of Dance!!!!!!! Silvers mixes it up through the night. You can also catch the Original Sticky Vicky Show here and yes its possible to surprise your Stag with a strippergram here as well. Later on in the night also on the “Boys Night Out” Silver´s Present´s The Live Striptease and Lesbien shows…….And least not forget to mention for the boys and girls the LIVE Sex Show even later!!!!!



Silvers Benidorm Facebook page

 KU Beach Bar Benidorm

KU Beach Bar Benidorm is by far the coolest bar on the beach front, might not be the ideal place for the more lively Benidorm stag party but if you are looking for somewhere to chill for a bit then yes.


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